Ideation Workshops -- Planning Your Climate Change Future
Dundee, Scotland

DfA members were invited by the city of Dundee to lead long term vision workshops, introducing participants to the value of speculative futures in planning for climate change. So often when we learn about the effects of large-scale issues like climate change, we think “what can I really do?” or “where do I start?” Studies show that creating more personal links to information and predictions for future conditions is critical in supporting proactive action. When people see what change means for their lives, families & communities, they’re more & inspired motivated to act.

Our workshops take people through a sequence of speculative futures to anticipate the impacts of climate change in coming decades and imagine alternative approaches to what our future lives could and should be. The process enables us to visualize what future scenarios might look, feel, sound and taste like to humans on the ground. The resulting speculations help identify gaps in knowledge and research, helpful technological innovations yet to be developed, and systems designs that could avert prospective traumas and conflict.

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