Sci-fi Prototyping Workshops 
Planning Your Climate Change Future 

We help you use science fiction to develop, prototype, test, and refine your visions of climate changing futures by exploring the issue areas you want to investigate as they could affect your day-to-day life. Our workshops help you expand your understanding about the topics you care about most, and how proposed interventions could affect you, associated stakeholders, and wider regions over time. We support you in translating that understanding into actionable strategies to create future trajectories where you can thrive.  

So often when we learn about the effects of large-scale, complex problems like climate change, we think “what can I really do?” or “where do I start?” Studies show that creating more personal links to data-based predictions of future conditions is critical to supporting proactive adaptation. When we see what possible change could mean for our daily lives, families, and communities, we become more inspired and motivated to act.

We take you through a sequence to visualize what future scenarios might look, feel, sound, and taste like to people on the ground. The resulting speculations help identify gaps in knowledge and research, helpful technological innovations yet to be developed, and systems designs that could avert prospective traumas and conflict. 

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