We link the inspiration of your dreams with strategic insight to help you create futures where you can thrive. Shaping the futures we want depends on imagining what could be and developing actionable strategies to get there. 

We collaborate with you to understand your hopes, goals and timeframes, creating a framework for you and your stakeholders to co-design your future.
We dive into research on potential risks, drivers of change and unforeseen disruptions.
We move from data to fiction, from facts on the ground to visions of what could be. World building and science fiction help us ideate and evaluate how possible futures  might unfold. 
By creating detailed potential futures, we can evaluate their benefits and consequences to find the best fit for you.
Identify the steps to translate your desired future into reality


We combine two practice areas that are typically siloed -- speculative futures and strategic planning. Together, they provide the information, vision, creative thinking and actionable strategies we need to face and build our preferred futures. 

Speculative futures provide frameworks for exploring, prototyping, testing and refining steps to achieve the futures we want. Based in creativity, empathy and iteration, speculative futures help build alignment among people from diverse backgrounds and turn ideas into action.

We use two different kinds. Science fiction prototyping. uses science fiction to describe and explore the implications of possible futures. Worldbuilding combines the power of research, systems design and storytelling to envision preferred futures and identify steps to turn them into reality. 

We link these creative tools with a forensic approach to strategic planning, grounding key decisions in tactical, quantitative research. Strategic planning allows us to identify the policy shifts, infrastructure projects, and migration patterns that eventually create conditions that make disaster inevitable. We look at factors like population density, emergency preparedness, climate change, demographic shifts and social psychology to understand what’s likely, and when.


Our scenarios, strategies and action plans harness creative speculation to help you engage the future and adapt to change. Specializing in design, planning, facilitation and research, we customize our services to your needs.

Some options you might want to explore include 
Long term visioning
Strategic planning
Concept design
Capacity building
Ideation workshops
Scenario assessment
Policy development
Leadership retreats

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